Science Fiction Week! Wooo!!

So during a week in which one traumatizing horror after another came form the WH, this whole thing happened. Hey, timing is everything.

I’m really excited to present the first trailer for season three of Star Trek Discovery. It looks great! What’s really funny I think this is the first Black man I’ve seen on this show, (although I’m sure some of them played Klingons in the first season), and it appears, from this traier, that he and Michael are going to be getting up close and personal.

Earlier this week was Star Trek Day, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and there were a number of online panels and interviews about each of the Star Trek shows. I skipped most of them, though. I liked Star Trek the Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, just fine, but I only cursorily watched episodes of Voyager, and only the first episode of Enterprise, mostly because I wasn’t feeling any of the characters on those shows. In fact, I pretty much hated the cast of Voyager until Seven of Nine showed up.

I mostly skipped the Picard series, although I have heard its pretty good. Some day I’ll get around to finishing it, Currently playing ,is the animated Lower Decks, which I have yet to watch beyond its first episode. I couldn’t finish that episode because I didn’t like it very much, and it felt loud and frantic, but maybe I was just in the wrong mood for it that day.

But I’m glad I got in on the first season with Discovery, and not just because there’s a Black female lead, but because all the characters are really, really likable, and the show is doing some interesting things with plot and character. I love that it has openly gay couples on the show, and that the lead character is allowed to have love interests, because Black women don’t star in a lot of SciFi, or have love interests when they do.

This season is especially interesting because the series will add its first NB (that’s non-binary) character, played by an NB actor, and also its first transgender character, also played by a transgender actor. Their names are Blue Del Barrio, and Ian Alexander.

Star Trek: Discovery adds first non-binary, transgender characters to  franchise
Blu Del Barrio/Ian Alexander

I’m really looking forward to this new season because at the end of the last season, Burnham and some of the crew got dropped almost a thousand years in the future, so the show doesn’t have to stay within canon any longer, and can do all new things, with new aliens species, and some new plots, I hope, and the trailer looks promising. One day I’m going to do an overview of the first two seasons because there was definitely a theme.

The rest of the cast that didn’t go into the future, will become the spinoff series, Strange New Worlds, with Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Spock, and Pike’s first officer, Number One. I’m looking forward to this one too, and not just because it stars Spock, but because Anson Mount is pretty dreamy, and I miss those old uniforms.

Star Trek: Discovery' Season 3 Netflix Release Schedule - What's on Netflix

Dune 2020

But the big news this week was the new trailer for Dune dropped and I am loving every bit of it. Unlike a lot of Dune fans, I’m no purist, but I really like Villaneuve, I’ve watched all of his movies, and this looks pretty faithful to the novel. Paul is very much how I imagined him from the book, but the most jarring looking characters were of course, Duncan Idaho played by Jason Momoa, and Lady Jessica, who looks very plain to me, but I can get past that. The only reason I bring up her looks is because I really liked the actress from the 1984 version. Its looks darker than the first film, and the clothing and colors are more, well drab, really, but I’m okay with that.

Dune was probably the first “real” Science Fiction book I ever read, and I just happened to read it, at the right point in my teenage development, that Paul’s journey resonated with me (and with a lot of other teens, it seems). Its one of my favorite books of all time, which I re-read (at least in part) every year. I’ve seen the first movie at least a dozen times. Only in the last ten years have I made any effort to read beyond the second book in the series written by Frank Herbert! I did read the Brian Herbert books because I liked the writing style, and the characters and plots were fun and interesting. I know some people hate those books, and will complain as loudly as possible that they suck, but like I said, I’m no purist, and I have, as a rule, never let other people’s dislikes determine what I’m going to enjoy.

Just like the rest of the internet, though, I have lost my shit and am totally geeking out about the trailer! Its funny how you sometimes don’t realize how much influence some piece of popular culture has had on you until you’re well into your adult years. I didn’t realize how much of my personal philosophy on living was crafted around some lessons from Dune, like the “Fear is the Mindkiller”, mantra, (which happened to dovetail neatly into my love for Spock), and is probably what’s behind my personal mantra of “Keep Moving Forward”.

Anywhoo, this is what excited me this week, even though my lower back decided it didn’t like me, and tried to kill me. Any Dune fans out there, let me know what you think in the comments, and for those of you not planning to read the books, and know nothing at all about this universe, which is to SciFi what LOTR is to Fantasy, (Dune is basically the Holy Grail of Space Opera, and there would probably not even be a Star Wars without its existence), tell me if I should do a 101 of the trailer. No spoilers, but a basic explanation of some of the characters and gadgets you’ll see in the movie. I’m not going to urge everyone to read the books,(and there are a lot of them), unless they are big SciFi fans though, because the worldbuilding in the books is really, really dense. So much so, that the books have been considered unfilmable. (I mean, you can read the books, but that won’t necessarily help with an understanding of this film.)

One thought on “Science Fiction Week! Wooo!!

  1. I too found ST: Lower Decks too frantic, and I am not a fan of some of the slap-stick humor. I eagerly look forward to Strange New Worlds, as I was a huge fan of Captain Pike. I’m on the fence about Discovery, I watched all of the first two seasons, but didn’t like the Red Angel plot but will give the new season a try.

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