Fandom Racism 101: Feeling Fragile — Stitch’s Media Mix

Recognize that this isn’t about you.

via Fandom Racism 101: Feeling Fragile — Stitch’s Media Mix


… racism in fandom takes several different forms and usually involves or is aimed at characters, fans, performers and professional creators of color. It can include:

  • unconscious racism in fanworks (such as using a Black character as a villain in a story centering white characters, lightening a character of color in fanart)
  • purposeful racism in fanworks (writing stories rife with racist stereotypes or where characters of color are brutalized because it will hurt fans of color/please racists in fandom)
  • harassment of performers or creators of color (see what happened to John Boyega in January, Leslie Jones in 2016, any Black woman on a CW comic book adaptation since 2010 or so)
  • Framing conversations on antiblackness as inherently US-centric
  • Hypercritical approach to characters of color that zeroes in on their faults as a reason to dislike them
  • Erasure of characters of color from their narratives in order to center white characters
  • Framing fans of color frustrated with any of the above as “antis”, “haters”, “fandom police/fanpol”

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