Hannibal Season 4: Every Detail Bryan Fuller Has Revealed | IndieWire

The series finale of “Hannibal” is approaching its fifth anniversary this summer. Is a Season 4 announcement imminent?

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If you don’t know by now, Hannibal the series, debuted on Netflix on June 5th, 2020. If you have never watched this show, and only know it from my roughly descriptive reviews of season one and two (I’m still working on reviewing season three, along with a couple of meta reviews), then get thee sinning ass to Netflix, pronto! and check it out.

It really is a gorgeous looking, but rather graphic show, but it’s not straight horror. However, if you don’t like graphic images, then apply caution. On the other hand, it is a horror show for people who don’t really like horror. It’s a Bryan Fuller joint, so there’s a little bit of lgbtq rep, and a little overturning of cliches. Read my reviews first before jumping in, to prepare yourself, or read my reviews afterward, so you can do a bit of a deeper dive into the series.

But either way,

Bon Apetite!