We’re all going to come out of this with new phobias

I’m starting to think I never want to be around people again, what with all their filthy, moist exhalations. Micro droplets suspending in air from …

We’re all going to come out of this with new phobias

I thought this was a fascinating video, because the poster is right. So many of us are going to have brand new phobias when this is over. I know I won’t be sitting in any enclosed spaces like movie theaters and restaurants for a while, and quite frankly, I’d be dubious about grocery stores too, if I wasn’t aware of the better air circulation in some of those places.

This video is a good example of why people should wear masks though because I can imagine the amount of micro-droplets is significantly reduced if the person is wearing one. I personally don’t have a problem with people being out and about, but I think masks should be required on ALL enclosed spaces.

I’ll be starting back to work next week, at the Library, with a number of safety features in place for us. Our hours will be shortened, our work times will be staggered so that we’re not all present in the dept. at once, and the public will not be allowed inside, for quite some time. I feel okay about that. My job is at least trying. Other people’s jobs, not so much.

I do know that this entire event has made me more virulently anti-capitalist than ever before.