The Five Most Awe Inspiring SCPs

Hey! How all y’all doin?! Let’s engage in some frippery today, shall we?

Earlier this week, I talked about the ten most terrifying SCPs, so today we’ll discuss my five most awe inspiring SCPs.

There are more than five of these, but I really liked these ones, because I would definitely pay money to see a movie about any one of them. There are a surprising number of biblical SCPs, including one who calls himself god, who is so convincing, that the Foundation higher ups keep sending memos, to its employees, that he is not, in fact, God. But I don’t know. Some of these SCPs come really, really close to being convincing!

SCP 001: The Gate Guardian/Object Class Euclid/Keter

This SCP is also referred to as 001. There are several of these which the SCP Foundation likes to refer to when discussing this number. They don’t want anyone to think that any particular SCP has a priority, so they give the designation to several SCPs at once. Only the highest members in the Foundation know which is the real 001.

The Gate Guardian, for all intents and purposes fits at least some of the biblical description of an Angel. This SCP is not contained, but exists in Africa at the nexus of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. It’s a massive, incandescent figure, which people can see, but since it possesses anti-memetic properties, no one will remember it, meaning those who do see it, are instructed by the entity, to walk away and forget.

This skyscraper sized Gate Guardian, which is said to have as few as four, or as many as 100 wings, kneels at the gate to another dimension, that occasionally looks onto what is believed to be the Garden of Eden, leaning on a massive, fiery sword it holds in one hand. It can somewhat be communicated with, and says that it’s purpose is to wait until such time as it is needed, and that humans should prepare. It’s been postulated that the Guardian is there to either protect Earth from some future cataclysm, or be the cause of it.

The Gate Guardian exists in the SCP files as a series of reports on encounters and experiments. The Guardian usually handles any interference by “smiting” anything, including any military intervention. It’s fiery sword obliterates anything it touches. If there was ever a movie about the SCP foundation, the Gate Guardian would definitely have to be included.

It’s also among several biblically oriented SCPs. Now these entities are not actually from the Bible, but have been given biblical names by the Foundation.

SCP 073: Cain/Object Class Euclid

Cain is an indestructible man who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent, claims to be very, very old, and has a photographic memory. On his forehead there is inscribed an ancient sigil, of unknown origin, while parts of his body, like his shoulders, back, and arms, have been replaced with a form of ancient armor. He says he doesn’t remember how that happened though. Cain is handsome, genteel, and at all times, polite and civilized. He has volunteered to live at SCP Site 17, in a two bedroom apartment, and has the run of the facility.

Cain is strictly carnivorous, because any and all plant matter dies, and/or rots, within a certain radius of his presence, and any soil he touches, or even walks on, is incapable of growing plant life. Cain is indestructible because any wounds inflicted on him, rebound to the person who inflicted it. He can feel the pain of it, it just doesn’t affect him physically.

Cain claims to have met Abel, knows all about him and has said it would be better, for everyone, if the two of them never met, and upon encountering the Gate Guardian, the symbol in his forehead began to glow, and he became deeply distressed, refusing to get any closer to it.

SCP 076: Abel/Object Class Keter

Abel is like a horrific version of Superman, and I would love to see a movie about him breaching containment, as normally, he is considered safely contained, but this isn’t always the case. Abel is kept at the bottom of the ocean, in a stone casket wrapped in chains, and behind several layers of easily flooded security doors. For all intents and purposeS, he is considered to be dead.

Periodically, however, he resurrects, and attempts to leave his containment. If he encounters any people, he will begin killing, and keep killing, until after much difficulty, he is stopped. He is aided in this homicidal behavior by superior strength, speed, and the ability to pull swords, and other edged weapons out of a pocket universe that only he has access to. After he is successfully killed, or his body destroyed, the stone coffin closes, until the next time he is spontaneously “resurrected”.

SCP 682: The Indestructible Monster/Object Class Keter

Is exactly what it sounds like, and the SCP file about its containment breach sounds like one of the best Kaiju movies never made, although this SCP isn’t especially impressive in size, or looks. It looks like a hybrid of a dinosaur and an alligator, only slightly larger, and has the ability to regenerate its body from the smallest fragments, so it’s indestructible nature doesn’t have anything to do with being immune to weapons, but it’s ability to resurrect from any kind of wound.

According to the creature itself, it was cursed, aeons ago, by some mysterious entity, to be immortal. It also hates humanity, and will tear apart any human being it encounters.

SCP 169: The Underwater Leviathan/Object Class Keter

No. It’s not Cthulhu, but I’m pretty sire this continent spanning entity could eat Cthulhu for breakfast, and not even know it. According to its SCP file this entity sleeps at the bottom of the ocean, and is so huge and oblivious, that it’s rumored to have shaped continents just by its slightest movements.

The awakening of such a creature would constitute as a world ending event. It’s been said that a slight twitch in its sleep is enough to cause a tidal wave. (Edited – Note to last comment: I accidentally erased your comment, but I’ve edited this description. You’re right. SCP 3000, is another creature that I mixed up with this one.)

The next SCP topic will be about the funny and joke SCPs, of which there are quite a number, and yes, there will probably be llamas involved!

One of my favorite forms of fiction is about portals, and doorways to other worlds, and there are a number of inter-dimensional and portal SCPs, some of which are innocuous, and some quite terrifying, that have become favorites, and I want to talk about those, too!

Hope all of y’all are doing well! And having a pleasant weekend (or at least a better one).

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