Hello Everyone!

How is everyone holding up? Well, I hope. And for those who are not, you have my deepest sympathy, and hope that things get better for you.

I’m writing this, because like everyone else, I’ve been watching too much Youtube, and was given the advice to treat this event like a diary moment, because it might actually be helpful, at some future time, when we experience this again.

Like many of us I am sheltering at home. I’m feeling okay, after a mild cold, and my allergies aren’t kicking my ass as hard as they were last week. Trust me, it is a very unique feeling, during a global pandemic, trying to convince people you don’t have the virus, while issuing multiple sneezes!

Don’t worry about me. Unlike many others, I am not having financial difficulties. I have not lost my job, just kind of sidelined for the moment. I’m a civil service worker, so none of us are allowed to go to work, but we are at least being paid. I am sickened by my nation’s political response to this event though, but in truth, I expected no better. They have taken every opportunity, in the past three years, to show their stupidity, greed, and incompetence, so it’s not a surprise they’re not handling this event well. At least we know better not to rely on them for anything, and take care of each other, and ourselves, on our own.

I live in a city that’s a little over 60% black, and for a number of reasons, the pandemic has not hit us as hard. Yet! Reasons like, most of us actually are sheltering in place, and by sheltering, I mean actually staying in the house. When I do go out, I have seen people standing the correct distances in the store, and wearing gloves and masks. I don’t know if this is a surprise to people, (why would it be?), but most black people have a really healthy fear of getting any kind of illness, and we actually do care about each other’s well being, even if we sometimes say we don’t, so most of us are actually are following proper precautions.

I do have to take my mother to dialysis, three times a week, so I get to see how empty the streets are, and after the initial flurry of shopping activity, the stores are mostly empty of people, and have restocked. I’m not allowed to go inside the Dialysis center lobby, the way I used to, though. It’s not safe, since everyone there has compromised immune systems, except for the tech workers. Everyone there, including the patients, wear masks, and gloves.

Yes, I take precautions when shopping, which I do once a week. Mum and I pick one store, (we used to go to multiple stores), we wear gloves and masks, and we have found Lysol and Clorox wipes to be of immeasurable help. I used to let my mum come in the store with me, but we’ve instituted a policy of her not accompanying me at all (to which she strenuously objects), or waiting for me in the car, while I suit up and go inside, after which I follow all the precautions for disinfection, before I get in the car.

I am writing things, but very, very slowly. It’s weird. It’s like I’m recuperating my energy from something. I spend a lot of time asleep. No, it’s not anxiety sleep. I actually feel very sleepy, so I’m taking it. Other than that, and catching up on my Netflix, I’ve been knitting like a fiend. I’ve already finished a hat and scarf for my mum, am working on a couple of sweaters, and planning a scarf and hat set for me and a co worker, should I see her again.

I’m not gonna tell you my plans about posting, because I just know it’s gonna go out the window, on a whim. Whatever posts I finish first will be published. I do have several long form posts, I’m working on. (For some reason, you guys actually seem to like my long winded diatribes about pop culture, more than my reviews!)

I hope all of you are well, and that your loved one are well, that you are sheltering in place, and maintaining your mental health, as well. Remember, when you get discouraged, that we do this not for ourselves, but for our loved ones, and other peoples loved ones. Those of you experiencing difficulties, I cannot, in any concrete way, help you, but I can send virtual hugs, and perhaps my little sillinesses and frivolities, can distract you from your troubles, for a brief moment.

Be well! Stay Safe!

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