I Found It On YouTube

it’s Monday, so have a nice selection of shorts I came across on Youtube, to start off your work week. Some of these are sweet, some are frightening, and others are cautionary tales.



This video is hilarious, and very probably true. I once lived in a duplex apartment, with some young neighbors, who would make weird noises all night long, seemingly for hours at time, non-stop. It sounded like someone slowly moving a large dresser back and forth across the room, but also completely un-localized. I wish I’d known about these people back then, but YouTube didn’t exist yet.




Hair Love has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short category. This is done in a classic Disney style, and it’s  really, really, cute!



This sweet little short depicts the friendship between a little ol’ gramma, and  her little ol’ robot, and  imparts the message that newer doesn’t always mean better.



This young man just wants to make a celebratory breakfast:



These three videos depict social issues, and an indictment of life n the modern western world.



I thought this video was especially chilling because there are people who think like this, and they would feel right at home in such a world Also, check out the director’s making of and commentary for this short. It’s very enlightening.



And finally, this tearful, and chilling, story about a little dinosaur robot: