Blogging in November

Well, my blogging skills have been off this month, even though I was on point last month. I started off okay, but then I got caught up in some work, (I work full time as a librarian), and I then I got some kind of cold or flu, I’m not sure which it is, but it’s just severe enough for me to not be able to think clearly enough to write anything.

I haven’t done any reviews of Supernatural, although I have been watching it, and I have all kinds of thoughts about it. I think my best bet, as far as this show is concerned, is to go easy on myself, and just do a huge end of series review, even though I promised I’d review every episode. (Hey! I didn’t say when I’d review them! Ah-Ha! Or did I? Please don’t show me any evidence on that! Just take my word for it.)

What I have been watching are some of the shows I mentioned in my Forthcoming Series posts, like Dolemite Is My Name, on Netflix, Titans, and some old movies I’ve seen many times before.

I’ve also been greatly enjoying The Mandolorian quite a bit.

And I’m not finished talking about Horror movies and their themes, so I have some posts coming up about that, probably for Christmas, but I’m not gonna promise, because if I do, something will happen to ensure that the posts will be delayed!

My girlfriend at work has decided, for reasons known only to the hamster that lives behind her right kneecap, to become an Orphan Black fan. I’ve only ever watched a handful of episodes of that show, but she blames me for her fandom, because I was the one to get her to watch Game of Thrones. I don’t feel that was my responsibility, but if she can make a good argument for why it is, I’ll go along with it, and then see if I can tempt her into possibly watching Umbrella Academy.

I have stopped watching Castle Rock, because I kept forgetting it was on, even though this second season is especially exciting, with the introduction of Annie Wilkes, from the novel, Misery!

Well, since I still have goals, and standards, (as loose as they may be), here’s hoping I’ll be back on track next week.