Yes, I’m still here. Just taking a short break.

I started a new job in a new department, and I’m busy making adjustments….to the department. The place requires some much needed straightening out, and I’m having fun doing it, although I suspect my co-workers think I’m not happy, since I have one of those bitchy resting faces, that never looks happy, even when I’m actually smiling.

Anyway, it’s approaching that time of year, the holidays in the US, when I seem to be at my most tired, and also when the most interesting shows and movies appear. But I’m a soldier. I can do this, as long as I get some frequent naps, which I have been working very hard on.

I’ll be back next week with some enthusiastic reviews of forthcoming silliness on tv and in movies. I’ll be posting about the new shows come September, we’ll take another ride in the Wayback Machine, we’ll talk about some movies, and chill with some Netflix. Currently I’m watching the new season of The Terror, and Netflix’s Wu Assassins.

Hopefully, I can distract y’all from your problems, and/or help you get your geek on.