Summer Music Playlist 2019

Okay, here are the songs that are going to be on constant rotation on my phone this Summer of 2019. I guess the theme for the Summer is Into the Spiderverse, since I’m still stuck on that soundtrack.


You cannot have a Summer playlist without at least a handful of island sounds.



I fell in love with this song when I heard it on the radio in my car. Yes, I still listen to the regular radio, as its the only place I can stay up on the latest hits, really, without having to pay subscription fees. 



I just liked the video for this one when I came across it on Youtube.



There’s a lot of controversy about this song because Billboard took the song off the Country Music listings, saying that it wasn’t really a country song. The artist got a great deal of support from other artists in the Country music community, like Billy Ray Cyrus, who featured in the song just to spite the people at Billboard. Black people were pretty pissed off at Billbard’s questionable maneuver, since it was Black people who invented country music, but got pushed out of the genre, the more it was appropriated. 



This show is fire, and always features a different Korean Rap artist during the show’s end credits, but this one is based on the show’s opening theme. 



I’m going to write a post later about why I love this movie, despite how much some people hate it. I am not an Eminem fan but I’m willing to listen to the occasional song. I liked this video, which is every bit as wild and campy as the film.



I know absolutely nothing about Post Malone, but I love this song becasue I love sunflowers, and this video isn’t too bad either.



I don’t remember hearing this song in the movie, , but I love it, because it’s got this funky 70’s feel to it, that just seems to fit the movie.



My Summer playlist would not be complete without some old Classic Soul sounds from the 70’s. I actually do have a playlist with nothing but 70’s R&B songs, with multiple numbers from the Staple Singers.



More Spiderverse songs!



There are already people online talking about what a disaster this movie is going to be. How can a person totally trash a journey before they take it? I’m just baffled by that because I love the actors here, and it looks pretty cool because James Cameron knows how to do at least one thing extremely well – craft an action scene.