Beyoncé  Is That B*+ch! PERIODT! —

Let’s just get right into it – Beyoncé is THAT BITCH! PERIODTTTT!! ALL THE T’s!! There is no greater living entertainer on the planet. Period. Before I take it back, I will add more to it. Argue with your aunties and grandmas don’t argue with me. Beyoncé came to Coachella to snatch all the vanilla,…

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4 thoughts on “Beyoncé  Is That B*+ch! PERIODT! —

  1. Mary Burrell

    I am not a fan per se. But I did watch the Netflix documentary Homecoming and i must say I was impressed with the process of all the extra hard work that went into creating her show at Coachella. There were so many working parts to creating a show of this magnitude. The drum line, the Greek fraternities and the step.lines that many sororities and fraternities that are prevalent at many HBCU’s. I enjoyed all the dancing and marching bands from all the different HBCU’s. It was a good way to spend a Sunday evening for two hours. I have to give Beyoncé credit she is a consummate entertainer. And the fact that she had to over see putting this show together, she lets the viewers see the process and she shares her private life as well. She is putting this colossal event together and still has to take care of her family. She has twins and a. six year old daughter to care for and a husband. That’s a lot. Plus she was pushing herself beyond the limits to get into top physical shape to have the stamina to perform. I was sitting on my couch watching and was exhausted. All of her hard work paid off and she put a great show together and I have too say I have new found respect for her as an entertainer.

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    1. Mary Burrell

      She was breast feeding babies, and working overtime to put this show together. I remember when Michael Jackson passed away the statement was made that Beyoncé would take his place. I have to admit at the time that sounded ridiculous to me. Because in my mind there would not be another entertainer of his magnitude. But Beyoncé has evolved into that entertainer.

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    2. So do I. I can’t help but feel some type of way about all that hard work. I didn’t used to think too much about what went into such performances, but this gives me some idea, and you’re right, its exhausting just to watch it.

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