I detest cathedrals and the nonsense behind them — Pharyngula

But I love history and craftsmanship and art. It is a great loss to humanity that Notre Dame is burning. A majestic work of art begun in 1160 — about 850 years of history — in flames and collapsing. No matter what else happens, 2019 sucks.


Who didn’t study this church in even the most basic Art History class. Its really heartbreaking to watch this happen. Notre Dame Cathedral is maybe the first church American kids learn about, having been made famous by the movies and cartoons titled The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

To any of the French reading this, we feel your pain, and are tremendously saddened by these images.

Note : (I do not share the author’s disdain for churches, even though I am an atheist. I appreciate them for their artistic value, if nothing else.)