Knitting A Sweater!

I just want to share my progress on my first knitted sweater. I got the pattern, called Harvest,  and instructions, from the  Tin Can Knits blog here:

They walk you through the entire process, step by step, of  knitting an easy  cardigan, according to how many stitches you’re supposed to have, when you’re supposed to have them, so that its easy to adjust the size. I’ve been knitting for a little bit now, and thought it was time to challenge myself by making a full article of clothing. Until now, I’ve pretty much stuck to making accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats.

Its a gradation from light Copper Orange, to dark Copper (with a touch of green) , to Black, so its just challenging enough, and I think its turning out well. You can almost see the gradation in the yarn from light to dark.

I chose a Raglan pattern that knits from the top down, because its easy to try it on as I go.  If you can knit, purl, and increase stitches in circular knitting, you can probably make this sweater. There are also video tutorials of all the skills used in making the sweater, including casting on in the middle, using waste yarn, and making left slanting or right slanting increases, (M1) If this is an especially daunting idea for you, then there are also instructions for   baby and children’s sweaters


This will also be one of the most expensive articles of clothing I will own, even if I did buy a lot of the yarn on sale. (I made sure to get the kind of yarn that didn’t come in dye lots, and only bought it on sale.) I used nine skeins of yarn for a size 2X sweater. (I’m a healthy girl!)

I used Bloomsbury DK Copper, and Malabrigo Rios Liquidamber, a light worsted weight yarn, Volcan, and  Black. Its meant to be a gradation from Orange to Red to Black like so:

Related image


The finished sweater is supposed to look like this:

harvest cardigan

harvest cardigan

I’ll post more pictures of the finished piece, when I’m done, and after blocking.

No, this isn’t turning into a knitting blog, but knitting is one of the things I geek out about, and I’m very excited to be doing this you’re just gonna have to put up with my nattering on, for a bit..








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