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Black history is Black horror. – Tananarive Due One of Tananrive Due’s comments early on in the Shudder’s Horror Noire documentary will live on in my mind forever because of how it gets right to the meat of the relationship between Blackness and the horror genre. I love learning things and I spend a […]

via Horror Noire: Black History, Horror (A Review) — Stitch’s Media Mix

If you are at all interested in the history of Horror, and Eli Roth’s History of Horror documentary just didn’t work for you, (and it didn’t for me because it erased almost the entire history of Black people’s relationship to the genre), then you have to watch this doc called Horror Noire. It has interviews and clips from every important Black Horror film star and director from the past 60 -70 years, what those movies meant to Black people, and how we participated in the making if this genre. You have to watch it just for the interview with Jordan Peele, whose new movie, US, is set to debut in March,looks scary as shit, and which I am very, very, excited about.

Its especially enlightening for the review of a classic vampire movie titled Ganja and Hess, which seems to have been remade by Spike Lee, which he titled Taste Da Blood Of Jesus. Ganja and Hess is also available on the Firestick app called Tubi. There are also interviews of the stars of Dawn of the Dead, Blacula, and Candyman. Basically everytrinhg that should have been covered in Eli Roth’s series, but wasn’t.

Essential viewing:

King Kong

Creature From the Black Lagoon

Get Out

Night of the Living Dead


The People Under the Stairs


Ganja and Hess


The Girl with All the Gifts – A must see

9 thoughts on “Horror Noire: Black History, Horror (A Review) — Stitch’s Media Mix

    1. Oh, I like her too. There’s a few more out there without as much name recognition and there’s a few anthologies floating about. Since my first love of books sprang from Horror, I try to grab up any Horror novels by PoC. I think it’s time I need to do a little researching, and put that info out there.


  1. Mary Burrell

    Blacula was so bad it was good. William Marshall was a trained Shakspearian actor but he had to take these type of roles if he wanted work as an actor. Then there was Scream Blacula Scream. And another really awful one i remember when I was a young teen going to the downtown movie. Abby with Carol Speed. It was during the time when The Exorcist was a huge hit. Abbey was about a mild and meek preacher’s wife who gets possessed by the devil. It was awful but a good scary time for us teenagers.

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    1. I don’t remember Abby, but I do remember I was fascinated by William Marshall’s voice. His speech and voice were just beautiful to me.

      Now that reminds me to do another greatest (sexiest) voices in Hollywood post!

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