The minimising of the sexual assault of Black boys

The minimising of the sexual assault of Black boys

The minimising of the sexual assault of Black boys
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I was aware of this, but only as something that men joked about among themselves. I never did understand why it was funny. Any sexual contact with a child is statutory rape, for boys as well as girls. I never thought this was a topic of humor, but what’s interesting is how the idea that Black Boys cannot be raped perfectly dovetails into the stereotypes of the hyper sexuality of women of color, and this idea, created by white racism , that certain groups of people of color are always ready and willing to have sex, making them, essentially, unrapeable.

That is quite possibly one of the most insidious ideas behind the white supremacy that was used to excuse white male rape and molestation of girls and women of other races. Of course you know I’m going to se this through the lens of the pop culture stereotypes of PoC. The Squaw! The Spicy Latina! The Jezebel!

In this instance, the sexual abuse of Black boys contributes to the idea that Black men are hypersexual, and the Black brute stereotype.