The History of Blackface





@@ My biggest point is this, however:

Megyn Kelly lost her job over this shit. There are other people whose jobs are considering firing them for their infractions against decency and good taste, so maybe think twice about your shit this Halloween.

Having been told that your behavior is hurtful and offensive, and continuing to still commit that behavior, says a lot about the kind of person you are.

You are not a Good Person!

From now on, White allies can approach this kind of behavior just like that. Explain to them that they’ve been told again and again that they are hurting Black people with their behavior, and need no more explanation beyond that we have asked them to stop doing it. If they insist on doing it, or making excuses for why its okay, then you’ve just found out what kind of White person you’re dealing with.

If you continue to hurt someone  after you’ve been repeatedly asked to stop, it makes you a bully.

And you are not a nice person.







4 thoughts on “The History of Blackface

  1. Mary Burrell

    When I was a little girl I saw a movie on television with a scary looking man with a scary looking sootie face. It looked unnatural and the white ugly lips. I later would. learn this was Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer. Seeing that ugly movie always hurt me.

    Then the ass clown Megyn Kelly who is an ignorant racist from Fox News says she didn’t know it was racist. Megyn Kelly is 47 years old and her saying when she was a kid it was okay to be in black face. It wasn’t okay then and it wasn’t okay 70 years ago. NBC knew what they were getting when they threw Tamron Hall and Al Roker under the bus and replaced them with a not talent, hatchet face hack Kelly.

    They deserve to lose 69 million dollars they will have to pay that beast Kelly. This loss they will suffer is karma. I am sure Tamron and Al are giving each other fist bumps and laughing .

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    1. I figured out black face was bad when I was a kid. I saw that movie too. No way she didn’t know it wasn’t a bad thing. The woman is a moron.

      We need Tamron back on tv somewhere.

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  2. Thank you for uploading this. Excellent commentary in this video. I’d just like to add that NBC DESERVES all the negative backlash they’ve been receiving after Megyn Kelly’s blackface comments. She’s been saying racist stuff for years, so they should’ve known what they were in for. Plus, they weren’t willing to pay Tamron Hall (a fantastic journalist) what she’s worth, and got rid of Al Roker for Megyn Kelly, so again, this is what those responsible for hiring Kelly deserve. I think NBC just used Kelly’s blackface backlash as an excuse to fire her because her ratings were low.

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    1. I have heard her ratings were low. I know I wasn’t paying attention to anything but her various f*ups. Apparently, open racism and stupidity has not become as mainstream as the people at Fox would like to believe.

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