To All Transgender Men and Women

2 thoughts on “To All Transgender Men and Women

  1. Barbara Elliott

    The republicans want to turn back time to the days of hanger abortions, transgender teens killing themselves, open racism etc. All the things we fought so hard for they want to erase. VOTE BLUE

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    1. Absolutely.

      For the record, I’m getting tired of this argument by radical activist Black people that the reason we vote Democrat is because we love them and need them to save us.

      We vote Democrat TO SAVE OUR OWN LIVES!!!!

      We vote Democrat so that shit like what we see happening now is a lot less likely to occur. The Democrats may not be Black people’s friends, or even like us, but they at least aren’t actively trying to destroy the lives of everyone who is not White, straight, and male.

      They really think they gonna legislate transgender people out of existence!


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