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This is one of those characters that I don’t actually know a whole bunch about despite my reading about her in some of the comic books and being peripherally aware of some of her backstory. I know that in the comic books, Carol Danvers has a very complicated storyline, with personality  and memory loss, (some of that was a result of  Rogue, from the X-Men, interacting with her, and stealing some of her memories and powers) .and I’m wondering how the movie is going to handle that part of her story, or if it will handle it all.

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The Black woman in the movie, Maria Rambeu, has a daughter named Monica Rambeu, who is also a superhero named Captain Marvel. (In the comic books, Monica was the first Captain Marvel, and she later changed her name to Photon.)

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For more information about this movie, look for The Marvel Encyclopedia, which discusses this character’s past, how she chose her name, the Kree-Skrull War, which appears to be prominently featured in this movie, more on Ronan The Accuser, (from Guardians of the Galaxy),and some of Nick Fury’s backstory, too.

I’m still not absolutely enthused about this movie, but it looks cool enough, I guess. I’m going to wait to see more in the trailers, before I get het up, though. To be honest, I got more excitement from watching people’s reactions to this trailer, than I did the actual trailer. I was especially interested in women’s reactions, and OMG! this woman is so excited, and so cute!


I just like to see people get excited about movies.



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  1. Yet again, we have a movie about another white superhero (as if there’s some kind of shortage) but this time a woman is in the lead role which I’m sure is a win for white feminists under the guise of some sort of bundled feminism that continues to marginalize WoC. One of the few things that DC got right was casting Gal Gadot–a WoC–as Wonder Woman.

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