Voting in 2018


Because this happened:

Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire, giving Trump a chance to shift Supreme Court sharply right

With five solid conservatives, the justices could repeal the right to abortion, expand protections for gun owners, narrow gay rights and strengthen the president’s power to arrest and deport immigrants who are here illegally.


Here’s what We Must Do:

If you have not registered to vote, or have been culled from the voting polls:


If you are registered and cannot make it to the voting polls, then find out how to put in for an absentee ballot before this Fall:



If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I lean pretty fucking far to the left. I am not a fan of moderate elected Democrats at all.

That doesn’t fucking matter right now.

I wish it did. I really wish it did, but it doesn’t. With Kennedy out and Trump and McConnell no doubt already frothing at the mouth at the thought of the ultra-conservative nominees they plan to ram down our throats now….we need every last Democratic seat possible to block them at every turn.

And yeah, I know very fucking well that too many elected Democrats can’t be counted on to represent us and actually hold their ground against Trump and the GOP.

But every Democratic Senator who MIGHT stand between us and Trump at this point is still better than a Republican Senator we KNOW will roll over and put party first.

Getting Gorsuch added to the Supreme Court has already screwed us multiple times over just the past few weeks. That post I made about voter registration in Ohio and other states only happened because Gorsuch made it onto the Court. The decision about gerrymandering in Texas? Same. And so on and so on.

It will get so, SO much worse if they get another ultra-conservative judge on it.


No matter what.

They will roll back abortion rights. They will roll back LGBTQ+ rights. They will further restrict key demographics’ ability to show up and vote.

A SCOTUS stacked with conservative judges who wouldn’t know a moderate position if it bit them in the ass can and WILL strip away any and all hard won victories marginalized groups have won over the past several decades.

We can not afford to be choosy right now. We need every single possible Democratic seat we can get right now, just to keep us all afloat and have even the chance of weathering this administration and voting Trump out in 2020. You can forget about even the possibility of impeaching him if we don’t win big in the midterms.

I hate having to push this position, but its reality. We get a Democrat back in the White House in 2020, then we can and we WILL make it clear we’re not going to let Democratic representatives that can’t be counted on to put their constituents first put us in this position ever again.

What we have to remember is the reason this is all happening now is because things are changing, and in a big way. The very map of America is shifting, in terms of population demographics and what groups have the most voices and are shouting loudest.

The Trump administration, his voter base, the GOP, its desperation that’s driving them right now, because the writing on the wall has been clear for some time now. The way things were going, in ten, twenty years, the GOP was no longer going to be able to win elections period without catering to marginalized groups, because inch by inch, those groups have been growing in number and edging out of the margins and into the center.

They. Weren’t. Going. To. Have. The. Numbers. Anymore.

Plain and simple. Basic math.

And that’s what they’re trying like hell to change, or failing that, to burn it all to the fucking ground out of spite.

So yes, if we hold ground, if we win back the Senate, block Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, hang in there long enough to get a Democrat back in the White House…..the future of our country could look dramatically different. We could finally have the breathing room to have OPTIONS among our democratic candidates, rather than just always having to pick the lesser of two evils. Wins like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s yesterday could become more commonplace. The makeup of our Congress and Senate could start to more accurately reflect our country and thus more adequately represent it.

But we’re not there yet, and they’re pulling out all the stops to make sure we never get there. Which means we have to pull out all the stops to stop them, and to outlast them.


And finally:

You know what you get when the lesser of two evils doesn’t win? You get the greater fucking evil.


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  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    Yes Yes and Yes! We have to use McConnellsown tricks against him. He stalled for a year we can stall till November. He said that we needed to wait till after the election well guess what treasonturtle, we will not let you have that seat! This is terrifying! and this….
    You know what you get when the lesser of two evils doesn’t win? You get the greater fucking evil.

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