Opinion | The Infantilizing, Abuse, and Disrespect of Mantis — WE ARE GEEKS OF COLOR

I touched on this earlier

For the past 10 years, we’ve seen character after character make their live-action debut within Marvel’s cinematic universe. From the first Iron Man film all the way up to their most recent entry into the MCU’s version of Infinity War. As with any live-action adaptation of a comic book, changes are expected. Whether it’s story […]

via Opinion | The Infantilizing, Abuse, and Disrespect of Mantis — WE ARE GEEKS OF COLOR


I touched on this briefly in an earlier post on the treatment of Asian characters in the MCu, from the “Yellow Peril” of Daredevil, to the treatment of Lewis tan’s Shatterstar in Deadpool, to the treatment of Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy, to the whitewashing of the Ancient One in Dr. Strange, It is becoming increasingly apparent that the White male writers of the MCU absolutely insist on treating their Asian actors and characters like shit. (The few writers of color in the MCU don’t include Asian characters in their narratives in any prominent way.  For example, although there are scenes that take place in Korea, in Black Panther, only one Asian character has a speaking role.)

I do like these movies and shows in general. They are a lot of fun, and I like movie version of Mantis, for her sweetness, but that does not negate the misuse  of her character, or that  the more movies they make, the more apparent it becomes that the writers of the MCU have a serious problem creating, and maintaining, Asian characters, and this is a problem  that needs to be addressed.

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