Dear White Women-Get Your Friends

I love how this entire event is captured from beginning to end. I love how she totally changes her attitude when another white person shows up, and she wants to be non-confrontational, but was perfectly willing to be confrontational to the black man when she thought he didn’t have any back-up. I love how all these women came out to support him, including the White woman who shot this video. I applaud her for calling that woman on every bullshit move she tried to absolve herself of her racism, and that she wouldn’t let that go without shaming her. She needs to ashamed of what she did.
And I’m glad every single White Woman’s Tear was caught on video as she acts like a punished three year old trying to get daddy to take her side when she’s done something she knows damn well is wrong.
This entire video is gold!


Once again, I awake to yet another social media post about a White woman calling the police on a Black person for doing everyday things. This time a White woman was filmed calling the police on a group of Black people that were barbecuing in the park. I will post the video below so that you can watch the incident unfold for yourself.


After calling the police and they arrive, almost as if on cue, this White woman, has an emotional  breakdown, weaponizing her tears because White women are always allowed to be the victim. 


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