Black Panther was Your First Asian Superhero? Cool.


Black Panther was Your First Asian Superhero? Cool….

Black P review, AfroSapiophile (18).jpg Black Panther (2018)

In February 2018, Black Panther was released onto the silver screen.  Needless to say, this epic superhero movie gave a LOT of people a LOT to think about.  One of the more interesting columns I’ve read was from a young Asian fellow named Colin Lieu. This fellow wrote a column Why ‘Black Panther’ is My First Asian-American Superhero Movie on the predominantly Asian blog hub named Next Shark.

As click-baity (if that’s a word) as the title sounds, I’m sure there’s a lot of brothers and sisters out there who reflexively expressed an immense disdain for the notion of an Asian fellow co-opting and/or appropriating yet other artifact of black culture.  Me?  Well I have no issue with Asians living vicariously through black superheroes.  Why? Well I myself have been living vicariously through Asian cinema — and to…

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