The Creator of #BlackPantherChallenge Explains Why Representation Matters

We Minored in Film

Once upon a time, black audiences looking to see themselves in comic book movies had to settle for comedies like Blankman and The Meteor Man, Shaquille O’Neal in Steel, Halle Berry in X-Men, Michael Jai White in Spawn, and, obviously,  Wesley Snipes in Blade. These projects only came about every once in a while, though. Heck, we’ve had three different white dudes play Spider-Man in six different movies since the first Blade came out.

Fast-forward to 2018 and there’s a black superhero on Netflix (Luke Cage), black superhero on The CW (Black Lightning), and now a black superhero in a big budget Marvel Studios movie (Black Panther). But why, I ask playing devil’s advocate, should this matter? Obviously, in the interest of simply opening up the stories we tell to people of all different ethnicities, creeds, sexual orientations, whatever, our…

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