New Year Resolution: Stop Gatekeeping in Geek Culture

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If you’re currently using our website, chances are you’re a fan of some kind of movie, TV show, comic book, or a similar form of entertainment. A decade ago, there weren’t as many people involved in fandoms and partaking in what some now call “geek culture.” Although debatable on when it actually started, many would agree that milestones like The Avengers movie in 2012 helped make superheroes cool and accessible for everyone. The new Star Wars trilogy revived a fresh enthusiasm for the franchise that booms all over the world. Things that were specific hobbies for people labeled “geeks” have now become a mainstream consumption that everyone is familiar with.

All of this sounds really good, but why are there still people unhappy about it? Now that geek culture is rising to popularity, there are people who feel like telling others they aren’t “geeky enough” or they “don’t…

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