Valkyrie isn’t ‘Male-Coded’ And You’re Kinda Racist

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Valkyrie Male Coded

Every time a nerdy piece of media dares to center a Black woman in some way, White Feminists in fandom show up to show how much they don’t care about Black women.

You can go through my archives for the past three years to see the different ways that White Feminism has failed Black female characters and the fans that love them. I don’t need to go through how Black women are constantly desexualized or ignored or mistreated by fandom in the name of (White) Feminism.

In the wake of Thor: Ragnarok, I had the… unwelcome opportunity to see such dismissive content play out in the form of an Italian viewer whose attempt at tackling the film (and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie) showed the most basic grasp of gender performance and doesn’t bother to bring intersectionality to the table.

I’m not going to link to the original post or her blog…

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2 thoughts on “Valkyrie isn’t ‘Male-Coded’ And You’re Kinda Racist

    1. The funny thing is, those who agreed with her probably watched Wonder Woman, and applauded the treatment of the women in that movie.And there were plenty of women crying about how they were happy Wonder Woman had not been sexualized in that movie. But when WoC aren’t sexualized in a movie, then they are too masculine? How convenient!

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