Blade Runner 2049 and Slavery



It can always be a little awkward when you’re a fan of film, and hold a rather indifferent opinion to a film that’s considered a classic. Honestly, even disliking a movie that most cinephiles love can be easier explained that it just not doing much at all for you. And one of those such films that I’ve always had a hard time mustering any real opinions toward is Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner. I’ve given the film several different shots, but either because I’m not seeing the correct cut out of the multitudes to choose from, or the movie just isn’t or me, it’s never really worked. I see the appeal, having a sci-fi noir with some really fascinating and unique aesthetics, but the film has never clicked for me. Which is probably why I was never that aghast when they announced that they were making a sequel, thirty…

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