Whitewashing Annihilation

LINK: In Jeff Vandermeer’s novel, the Biologist is of Asian descent

via Natalie Portman’s Character in ‘Annihilation’ Is Whitewashed — Dark Matters

I also just wanted to add, that this movie is being released in February along with Black Panther, and Proud Mary starring  Taraji P. Hensen. It better be relased before either of those, or its gonna be a flop anyway. Nobody’s gonna give a shit about this movie after the release of those other two. I actually liked the books the movie is based on, and it looks intriguing, but here’s another problem:

In the trailer, there are two other WoC in the movie. Those women get killed. So, not only did the filmmakers whitewash the two lead characters, they had just enough presence of mind to cast WoC as supporting characters, who die in the movie.


I’ll think I’ll catch it on cable, or a free DVD from the local library, maybe.