Weekend Linkspam: Television

Here, have some more interesting article links.

On Hannibal: The Series


I loved this mashup video of all the different iterations of this specific scene in Hannibal.








On Whitewashing and Other Concerns

The Seven Strategies for Defending Your Problematic TV Show or Movie—and Why They Don’t Work



On American Gods:




On Popular Media and Racism Vs. Historical Accuracy





On The White Savior Trope

Oh Come All Ye White Saviors



 On Daredevil and the Yellow Peril Trope

Black Mask, Yellow Peril: Anti-Asianism in Netflix’s Otherwise Brilliant <i>Daredevil</i>



On Furiosa and  Disability in Film

Cover Photo: Frock Flicks






7 thoughts on “Weekend Linkspam: Television

  1. The Laughable Cheese

    These are interesting articles but would love to hear more about your personal opinion about the show. I disagree with the idea pervading that Hannibal does kill and everything he does because he can.
    I think there is no discernible motivation because it is important to him to keep his motivations hidden as part of his character. But there would need to be a strong incentive to do what he does, he’d need to be getting something important out of it, in order for him to take the levels of risks that he does to keep doing what he is doing.
    Doing something cause you can is not a motivation. Power is… which he says he llikes to feel like God/aka powerful. But then the question is why does he want to feel powerful? He probably already feels very powerful in the prestigious sense as he is praised for his cooking, very high and respected in his field. So he already has a lot of power.
    Anyway, these are some thoughts. What do you think?

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    1. Well, I am gonna have to write some meta on it, now, because what I think about what Hannibal does is complicated. in short tho’ I think he kills for multiple reasons, and a handful of very specific reasons in the show itself.
      But you’re right “because he can” is not really reason enough because that reason itself is attached to the idea of having power, and I think Hannibal’s need for power may have much to do with the death of Misha, when they were kids.

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      1. The Laughable Cheese

        yes that makes sense it is a really weird and traumatic story. I really need to read the books sometime so I can better idea of his backstory, cause my understanding is pretty sparse I feel still.

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    2. Also I do mention my thoughts on why he kills in some of my reviews, but you’re right. I need to write something a little more comprehensive ,as looking for that would require you to search through two seasons of reviews.

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      1. The Laughable Cheese

        Ohh I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you write a whole thing on my account. I can look through your work too. If you say your thoughts are there, then I don’t mind reading. That’s what blogs are for XD

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      2. Nope! No takebacks! It’s mostly already done! I love talking about Hannibal. I just gotta edit and it should be ready by end of the week.
        I love talking about Hannibal! It’s not problem!

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