The It Movie Floats to the Top but the Representation Sinks — Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Until recently, I wouldn’t have considered myself a horror movie person by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been improving my horror education. I decided to watch the original 1990 It movie which came out this weekend in preparation for the the new one, which I greatly enjoyed—well, for the most part. Let’s face it: […]

via The It Movie Floats to the Top but the Representation Sinks — Lady Geek Girl and Friends

*Yeah, this is the part of the movie that not too many people are referencing. I’ve read several reviews of this movie which mention the treatment of the sole Black character in the movie, whose role has been sidelined from the source material.

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    1. I’ve read some deep criticism of this movie. It isn’t my favorite King book and I have no particular fear of clowns so I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie anyway. I’ve read some people really love it, and others are unhappy with Beverly and Mike depictions.
      Also fair warning, there is an abusive incest situation implied in the movie, between Bev and her father. I heard that was an issue for some people.

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      1. The Laughable Cheese

        Ohh okay, thanks for telling me. I don’t know if I will see it, but I really like many of Steven Kings books. Then again, his movie adoptions are really hit or miss, but everyone is really going crazy over it.
        The original It, I really liked a lot and had a really high rewatch value. Stanley Kubricks adoption of the Shining was really good as well. So if I get the time, I plan to give it a shot.

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    1. Yes, I did watch it. I would’ve liked it more if Zach had died a lot sooner, but I do like what happened to Palmer, becoming the Masters host was a fitting end for him.


  1. jennnanigans

    Hola! How fortuitous I got my internet back while I was at the theater seeing IT! I was looking forward to hearing something from you on it! Read this and enjoyed it, and agree with most of the criticisms, except where the blogger was unfamiliar with the book.
    I have thoughts, so many many obnoxious thoughts.
    Hope you’re well!

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    1. I’m good! Busy but not bad! I haven’t seen the movie, largely for budgeting reasons, but I have read the book. I liked the book pretty well. I’m disappointed to hear these things about the movie as my favorite characters were the young black man, and the young girl. I will definitely be watching it on cable or disc though.

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