3 thoughts on “‘The Greatest American Hero’ Is Coming Back With an Indian-American Heroine

  1. I lived this show when I was a kid. Real talk: I think this reboot will probably be canceled. A lot of people (racists) don’t want change or diversity, and they feel like political correctness and diversity is being forced down their throats. I’d be surprised if it survived. Worse shows have. 💁

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    1. I like the idea and hope it succeeds but it is on ABC, and I have no confidence about the combination of network TV, and fantasy genre shows. They just don’t mix well. Cable networks and fantasy shows seem to get along better, probably because they don’t rely on ratings in quite the same way, and creators can be more creative or challenging.

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      1. It just seems like almost any news series led by a minority, with the exception of American Gods, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder (whole other discussion as to why these shows have survived) is being met with unwarranted criticism and cancellation, yet there are so many terrible shows that survive. How is New Girl still on the air? It baffles me.

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