Logic’s 1-800 Video Will Move You To Tears (Trigger Warning: Suicide and Homophobia)

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Geeks Of Color

Being black in America is tough enough these days. Putting all the discrimination and racism we face around the country aside, the tragic duality of that struggle is how hard it is to find a consistent support system in our own communities. Logic tells genius.com that while he was on tour last year, so many of his fans expressed that his music had saved their lives, and he was moved because that was never his intention. Realizing his influence, he decided to make a record, featuring Khalid and Alessia Cara, specifically for the purpose of reaching people who may need saving. Hence, plainly titling this single as the number to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.


In Logic’s 1-800-273-8255 music video, directed by Andy Hines, we see a newborn grow into a young man going through an identity crisis that drives him to the point that he wants to take his…

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