Charlottesville: On the Ground

I’m disseminating this post as far and wide as I can. Most of these are from people recounting the events that happened to them during the event, so I’m warning for language and visuals (some of these have videos). Those of you with anxiety issues may want to skip some of these links mentioned at the end of the article, as the descriptions can be graphic. You may also have to sign into to view it.


*Notes on Charlottesville

CW for violence, racism, anti-Semitism, graphic imagery

My two friends and I showed up around 10 AM and started walking to the park. Along the way, we met up with a group of people (mostly students, some older folks) who were there to counter-protest as well. Together, we all practiced some chants, took advantage of having a public restroom easily available (after an hour drive & too much coffee, we needed it!), and started walking.