Hi Everyone,

I’m still here, just a little behind in my reviews, because I’ve been taking a soft break. I’ve been dealing with some medical issues that are not mine, and fatigue/allergies (mine). If any of you are the primary caregivers for your aging parents then you know it can be exhausting, sometimes.

You guys are always asking how do I have time for doing all this stuff, and the answer is: I don’t, really. For several days, possibly weeks, I’m like an Energizer bunny, I have a lot of mental energy for a while, and then I crash. I’m in one of my crash periods, right now, but I’ll soon be back up. (This isn’t the same as writer’s block, because my brain is still working, I just get tired a bit more often.) So rather than writing, I’ve been concentrating on reading. I have a number of books, and articles, I was really excited, and I need to get on those. I just finished the latest Sandman Slim novel, The Kill Society.

I’m working on some longer meta, which take some time to write,  even with a head full of ideas. I’m currently working on my next Hannibal re-watch review, another American Gods review (from a technical standpoint), and a small piece about urban superhero movies. I’m currently watching Midnight Texas, which I kinda like,  and I’m working on a list of Martial Arts film recs.

I am gearing up for the Fall premiere, television season, so I’ll soon have a list of the shows I’m interested in watching, and/or reviewing. The Defenders will be released on Netflix on the 18th of this month. I’ve made plans to see The Dark Tower with Mum, and The Potato,and I’ll let you guys know how that goes. I had plans to binge-watch Okja on Netflix, because it stars Steven Yeun, and looked really interesting.

I’ve also been following the various scandals and controversies in TV land, like HBO’s new show Confederate, and the announcement by Amazon of its competing show, Black America, and the discussion surrounding both. I got thoughts on those.

Well then, I better get started.