Ian McShane Cast as Professor Broom in “Hellboy” Reboot


Great news for Ian McShane fans – the incredibly talented and seasoned actor, who recently captivated audiences as Mr. Wednesday during the first season of Showtime’s American Gods, will once again grace the entertainment industry in another major role in a beloved franchise.

It has just been announced that McShane will star alongside Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the upcoming Hellboy reboot film. With Harbour as the new face of Hellboy in the Dark Horse cinematic universe, McShane will portray the titular demon’s adopted human father Trevor Bruttenholm, also known as Professor Broom.

Professor Broom 2 Source: Dark Horse Comics

There are few details about the planned reboot thus far, besides some basic production information and rumors about the plot.

Along with the two aforementioned additions to the cast, the Liongate and Millennium studios’ reboot will be directed by The Descent and Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall. Executive producers…

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2 thoughts on “Ian McShane Cast as Professor Broom in “Hellboy” Reboot

    1. Yes, I was a little disappointed that Guillermo wouldn’t be doing the reboot, or a sequel. Abe is one of my favorite characters (even in the comic books).
      But the new director isn’t bad. I’ve liked his previous work, so I’m curious about how he’ll handle it.
      I am looking forward to watching your brother on Star trek Discovery, though. (I’m a big Trekkie, so I was always gonna be there.)

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