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With the rise of the Second KKK, and the election of extremely racist President Wilson (Probably the most racist President until Trump in history), America was at War both in Europe and at home. The KKK serially attacked 20 black communities in what were euphemistically called “Race riots” by the media of the time, as […]

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I dont often post this type of thing here, but I feel it’s important to know History. So many of us know nothing about this. I didn’t, and I actually pay attention to History.

But this isn’t for Americans, who have ample opportunity to know this, but  don’t bother to ask, or learn. No. This is for my overseas readers, who most definitely wouldn’t have the opportunity to find this out. I want you to understand that Black Americans have always fought for their rights.


There was never a time in this country’s history when we accepted our status as second class citizens, and BLM is just the most recent iteration of that fight.


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