Why Everyone on TV Has the Same Hair – Racked



2 thoughts on “Why Everyone on TV Has the Same Hair – Racked

  1. I saw this article a while ago. I always thought it was a low maintenance easy to achieve hairstyle for female characters who have to move a lot and still look relatable, cute and put together.

    Straight ends, especially when the hair is long, come across high maintenance. The article mentions Cookie Lyon from Empire, but she’s worn bone straight wigs several, and it always looks like a hassle because the hair moves too much, wraps itself around the clothes and the body and you have to shak it off your face and shoulders.

    Of course, Cookie’s also decked out in designer everything and a total diva which means she pulls it off but it would look overly ‘done’ and out of place of female characters who are supposed to represent regular-ish women.

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