John Boyega Talks Representation in the Media, ‘I Ain’t Paying Money to Always See One Type of Person On-Screen’


In a recent photoshoot and interview with GQ, John Boyega talked Star Wars, representation in the media, getting advice from J.J. Abrams and Robert Downey Jr, and staying sane as a celebrity.

When he was first cast as a Stormtrooper, John Boyega wasn’t aware of how central to the storyline he’d end up being:

“I thought they were going to keep Stormtroopers taking helmets off a mystery for a while, “I thought they were going to hold that back, but they put you bang right in the middle of the narrative.”

Of course we were famously introduced to his character Finn in the middle of the desert; hot, bothered and out of breath as he popped up from the bottom of the screen. And that opened up the Pandora’s Box of the celebrity lifestyle for Boyega, an inevitability that he was prepared for more than most; he asked his agent…

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