The Real Argument Against The Doctor Becoming a Woman

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There isn’t one.

Seriously, when you broflakes start getting angry at SJWs it’s impossible to determine who’s the whiniest. 

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand this past 24 hours, the popular character of The Doctor in long running series Doctor Who is going to be played by Jodie Whitaker who is, by all accounts, a woman. This has resulted in predictable hand-wringing from grumpy sods who just can’t stand the idea of a woman taking a role that’s usually played by a man. We jumped on to a Doctor Who Facebook page and grabbed the first couple of negative reactions we saw:

Idiots Butthurt Over Doctor Who.jpg

Here’s a few counter-arguments to consider.


It’s a science-fiction/fantasy show. The Doctor is not a human. He’s (before you point it out, I’m sticking with the male descriptors because The Doctor is, at time of writing, male)…

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