R.I.P. Nelsan Ellis

Sad news peeples!

Nelsan Ellis, the only reason True Blood stated on the air as long as it did (outside of the crazy-ass plots) has just passed away due to complications from heart failure. He played Lafayette Reynolds, who was Out, and damn proud of it, and the cook at Sam’s Bar, Merlottes. sookie’s friend, Tara’s cousin and a total badass, who had some of the best lines in the show.

Nelson Ellis was 39! Hell, I’m older than him. I loved, loved loved his True Blood character, and I’m so upset that I’ll never get to see the rest of the wonderful characters he would’ve gotten to play during his career. Yeah I know he starred in other things, like Get on Up and The Butler, but True Blood was the breakout!

‘True Blood’ Star Nelsan Ellis Dies at 39
Lafayette’s greatest hits:


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