The I-Don’t-See-Color of Horror Films, “The Watcher”, Accidentally Makes a Profound Racial Point

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There were so many actors of color in the 2016 horror film The Watcher that I felt compelled to investigate it halfway through to see if its creative or production teams were black (answer: nope and definitely not). Despite being a horror movie junkie, The Watcher is not my normal smack. This is the kind of film I would have kept shuffling down my to-do list until I hit a 3 AM fiend wall on Netflix. So imagine my surprise to discover it starred a black X-Man, my dude Hank from Sirens, the always-looking-at-me Tracie Thoms, and a Miss Evers’ boy.

More surprising to me as the movie droned on was that the story didn’t reference the ethnicity of the black characters once that I can recall, which is saying a lot when 70% of your cast are people of color. Despite the first five minutes of the film…

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