“You’ve Got Me Feeling Emotions”

This is a pretty good description of how my emotions work. I also need to add, that being slightly removed from our emotions, also helps in immediate crisis situations, where everyone else is panicking. During such moments, we actually are quite calm. It’s only afterward that we give in to the emotion of whatever just occurred.

Black INTJ Woman

Actually, no.  You really don’t.  But, I thought I’d use back-in-the-day Mariah Carey as a cheesy and snarky segue into explaining INTJ emotions – or our seemingly lack thereof of them.

INTJs are often depicted as cold and unfeeling because of how we view, speak, and react to people’s emotions.  We’re not devoid of them though.  Feelings, particularly expressing them, are very tricky for us.  Let me illustrate it this way, and pardon my nerd moment.

Think of every fight between Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock on Star Trek.  Kirk is annoyingly emotional (well, maybe that’s William Shatner’s overacting, but it’s irritating nonetheless), while Spock thinks (emphasis on thinks) things should be viewed and handled analytically and dispassionately.  It’s not that Spock doesn’t understand or recognize that emotions exist.  He views them as a nuisance, and possibly causing more problems.

Because we’re wired to see matters – even…

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