Tumblr: Weekend Amusement Edition

Here are some happy readings from Tumblr and Twitter this weekend. Its not that I don’t have some recent wtf*ery to complain about, like homophobia being directed at American Gods, or racism being aimed at the new Star Trek Discovery Trailer, because bigoted, misogynist, White people have forgotten previous iterations of Star Trek, and insist on showing their whole ass every time any black actor does anything more than fart in the direction of a TV show… but I digress.

As I was saying, I could report on those things, but I’m adopting an attitude this weekend of  “F*ck It! I’m too tired!” And there was plenty of happy stuff that happened this week, like the release of the Black Lightning and  Star Trek Discovery trailers, Trump’s administration continues to be a hot mess:

Dumpster Fire GIF - DumpsterFire GIFs


And this  here:


Jordan Peele will executive produce the new series “Lovecraft Country,” which has been ordered straight-to-series at HBO, Variety has confirmed.

Based on the book of the same name by Matt Ruff, the anthology horror series follows 25-year-old Atticus Black, who joins up with his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America to find his missing father.  They must survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the malevolent spirits that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback.


*Earlier this week I wrote a review of American Gods and explained why the love scene between Salim and the Djinn was so important. Well, here’s the show’s writer Bryan Fuller, explaining why he made that scene:

“To portray Salim and the Jinn in a way that’s sex positive for a gay man who comes from a country where homosexuality is punishable by death and you can be thrown off of a rooftop,” he explains, “it was very important to us to look at Salim’s story as a gay man from the Middle East whose sexual experience was probably relegated to back alley blowjobs and didn’t have an intimate personal sexual experience. In the book, Salim blows the Jinn in the hotel, and then he’s gone. It was important for us in this depiction to have Salim drop to his knees and prepare to achieve sex the way he’d been accustomed to, and the Jinn lifts him off of his knees and kisses him and treats him much more soulfully and spiritually to change his perception of who he is and what his sexual identity has become. That felt like it was empowering in a different way, showing a protagonist as the one who is being penetrated. That comes with all sorts of preconceptions of gender roles and what it is to be a gay man at the same time.”

“What we wanted to achieve there is for an audience who might not necessarily be accustomed to seeing two men having sex, to recognize it as a beautiful thing,” the writer continues, “as opposed to ‘Ooh, Alec Baldwin is kissing that old man!’ Or, ‘Whoopi Goldberg is touching that woman’s hand, what does it mean?’ I’ve been seated in that audience as a gay person, and resented the cringing and cajoling and jeering of audiences, and wanted to show a Middle Eastern gay kid who might find this [show] somehow and see that scene and realize there are people out there who don’t think he’s an abomination.”


*Random Tweets from Black Twitter, which is not so much a place,  as it is a state of mind:

*I laughed waaay too hard at this:


*Torturing your siblings:

Image result for black twitter memes


*Conversations in my house at ten, twelve, fourteen. Hell, maybe this week:


*My Mom had a bunch of these empty containers just waiting to fool people who looked in them. I threw them all out. She ain’t allowed to collect any more. Now we gonna use Tupperware bowls like we’re ‘sposed to.


And some random introvert memes:

I’m gonna go with stay in, wish I was out, but too lazy to get up!


*Yep! Just over here minding my bidness! Hell, I might take pictures!


*I have straight said this shit to actual family members.  I laughed when I said it but that don’t mean I didn’t mean it. They know me!

If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.

If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.

If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.

Just some weird stuff:

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  1. Lol, dumpster fire is exactly how I’d describe the Trump administration.

    “My Mom had a bunch of these empty containers just waiting to fool people who looked in them.”
    LMAO! And “there’s never butter in this container”.

    “90% chance of people”! “Let me take a 10 hour break”.
    I love these introvert memes. They get me.

    OMG that gator at the door is terrifying. As if it wasn’t hard enough to step out of the house now there are gators waiting for you on your porch. Nope!

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