Star Trek Discovery First Look

I plan to susbscribe to CBS All Access to see this because I’m a die-hard OG Trekker, and I’m also completely disregarding the bitch critics who are saying nasty things about it before it airs. I don’t need their help deciding whether or not I’ll like this. I’ll watch it and determine that for myself. Subscriptions can always be canceled. Hopefully CBS will have some other original programming besides this, some of which will be a little more R-rated than prime time.

Watch for lots of excerpts from the trailer. I couldn’t put up the actual trailer, but I have watched it.

Note: To see the full trailer visit my Tumblr Likes page. I just reblogged it!


8 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery First Look

  1. Thank you for showing this. I hadn’t seen any trailer excerpts. My brother, Doug Jones, plays the bald-looking alien science officer. He told me it’s going to be a prequel to the original series, and he’s kind of nervous about trying to live up to the Star Trek mystique.

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