Supernatural Season 12: There’s Something About Mary

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Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to write a review of this episode, and that I was going to wait until the finale to post something. Well ,the finale is next week (so soon) and I can’t wait, because I had a lot of thinky-thoughts about this episode, and there was a lot of yelling at my TV.

A lot!

So we open with Mary being questioned and tortured by Lady (Extreme Makeover) Bevell, Lucifer is working with a demon to go after his son, who has disappeared with Castiel and Kelly, and Sam and Dean are thumb twiddling, or something, while Eileen, is getting killed by a Hellhound. I truly felt for Sam because the two of them had a real connection.

Mary is being brainwashed to hunt the other hunters. Now I’ve mentioned before that that sort of thing is very inefficient. Killing  a huge group…

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