So Long and Good Riddance, Sleepy Hollow

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Back when Sleepy Hollow first started, it was basically everything I wanted in an TV show. This was a few months after I’d officially given up on Supernatural as a show so not only did I need a new Urban Fantasy series, I needed one that wasn’t so white from the get go.

And Sleepy Hollow delivered.

At first.

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5 thoughts on “So Long and Good Riddance, Sleepy Hollow

  1. Sleepy Hollow’s still airing?! 😲 I stopped in season two because it didn’t like that the writer’s were heavly inserting Ichabod’s wife into the storyline. I liked the idea of Ichabod and Abbie together, not Ichabod and his wife. 😂 Once the writers killed off Abbie in season three there was definitely no point in me watching Sleepy Hollow. Plus the show’s storyline started to go off the rails in season two, like that of Once Upon a Time.

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    1. Yeah, they had the nerve to announce a fourth season. Well it’s canceled now. I heard that it wasn’t bad. I saw snippets and trailers but it was easy to dismiss it, and I was still pretty mad about losing Abby.

      They also just canceled Pitch which I knew not to get too close to. As a general rule, I don’t trust the big three networks, though.

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      1. It probably did, which is how I knew Fox wouldn’t let that one last. Plus it aired too soon after the loss of Abby. Only thing I watch on Fox now is Brooklyn 99, which is probably still on the air because it flies beneath a lot of people’s radar, and it’s a fairly successful comedy. Since it’s headed by a white guy (Adam Samberg) most people probably think they know what it’s about and have not been paying attention to its liberal politics.

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