‘Sleepy Hollow’ Canceled By Fox After Four Seasons

What does it mean that I’m still heavily pissed off about this show, and how it treated its lead character, and how I’m so happy it’s canceled. I can’t say I didnt see this coming. The former fans vowed that this would be that show’s last season, and I was in full agreement. If we couldn’t have Abbie Mills, this whole show could burn.



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8 thoughts on “‘Sleepy Hollow’ Canceled By Fox After Four Seasons

  1. It’s a real shame as I stopped watching after Abbie died. I lost what channel it had moved to in the UK and just started to pick it up again. myfaketvboyfriend is right in saying the new characters add a different feel to the series and have just begun to re-watch. Four seasons isn’t a bad run, and will really miss Tom Mison, had a secret crush on him.

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    1. Well I still like Tom so hopefully we’ll see him in a more worthy vehicle someday. I do understand that he may have been under contract for his role, which is why he couldn’t leave. We weren’t trying to hurt Tom Mison . We were mad about Abbie, and just stayed away.


  2. I’ve been boycotting the show since they killed Abbie and celebrating its abysmal ratings ever since (remember, we talked about the premiere ratings). Glad it got cancelled. The producers were full of it, the way they tried to diminish Nicole and act like Tom was the only star they needed to continue the show. Not to mention the way they disrespected Nicole at every turn. That’s what they get.

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  3. I didn’t realise they’d killed off Abbie – my wife and I would watch this but stopped around the middle of… whichever season had the weird tree thing. It clashed with other shows and we never got back round to watching it.

    It’s disappointing to learn they killed off Abbie – I don’t see how Crane could carry the show without Abbie.

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    1. myfaketvboyfriend

      “It’s disappointing to learn they killed off Abbie – I don’t see how Crane could carry the show without Abbie.”

      They added 3 really interesting, likeable characters to the mix. If you had started watching without Abby you wouild have been fine with thes how. Again not putting down Abby or her importance to the mytharc

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  4. myfaketvboyfriend

    I didn’t want to watch w/o Abby but my husband loved the show so I grudgingly watched and ended up loving the new characters. Sad that its cancelled.

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    1. I’m not sad. I ignored the show for the most part. I caught a few glimpses and it didnt look half bad, but it was easy to drop it andwatch other stuff. I’m still mad. I’m sad Tom Mison laost a show though. Knowing how this stuff works, rather than take responsibility for fucking up their own show, they may decide to blame him or Nicole.


      1. myfaketvboyfriend

        I really liked the secondary characters they added. It expanded the world a little. Not that I didn’t miss Abby…but I am disappointed

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