The Defenders Trailer Perfects the Hallway Fight Scene

We Minored in Film

There were so many times in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fost where it would have made perfect sense for Matt Murdock to suddenly enter a scene and claim to be Jessica/Luke/Danny’s lawyer. But that couldn’t happen. There were rules about this kind of thing. Some of the supporting cast members like Claire and Hogarth could pop up in other shows, and Jessica and Luke could share the screen for a while since their origin stories were so intertwined but only on her show. Otherwise, none of the future Defenders could ever directly interact.

Well, nuts to that noise because The Defenders premieres on August 18th, and in the newly-released first trailer we finally get to see these four mini-Avengers actually talk to each other, with plenty of Matt and Jessica getting out of a jam together and Luke and Danny testing each other out. Turns out, when Danny…

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