The Dark Tower (2017)


I am a total Dark Tower stan! I’ve read the entire series, multiple times (and if you’ve seen the size of those books, you’ll understand what a feat that is). I’ve read all the comic books, the Compendium connecting all of the other King stories to the series, and I’m totally GirlGeeking on this movie. I wanna see it just to hear the Gunslinger’s mantra spoken aloud. (You have not lived until you’ve seen, an ostensibly, grown ass woman, jittering around in her bunny slippers, over a movie!)

Well, the story here appears to be a conflation of many of the books. Certain characters don’t appear, but the basic premise outlined in the movie, is distilled from all of the books. The Dark Tower has beams that hold all of the  alternate worlds in place. If it falls, all the worlds will be destroyed, as they bleed into one another. The books are a lot more complicated though. (For example Walter O’Dim, aka the Dark Man, is an alternative world version of The Walking Dude from the The Stand, which is a version of Earth where humanity died from the flu.)

Plus, it’s Idris Elba, my future ex-husband. I have to support his career, so I will watch anything Iris does on screen!

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  1. “Idris Elba, my future ex-husband.” 😂 Yes, after watching that trailer they can have this 💰💵 too! Looks like 2017’s giving us two Stephen King adaptations to be excited about, the Dark Tower and It.

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