Supernatural Season 12: The Future

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I’ve been away for awhile and hope you guys haven’t forgotten I exist. I skipped the last original episode because…life! It’s still sitting on my DVR, ready for playback, and I’ve heard good things about it, but I keep getting distracted by other shows and movies, and haven’t even glanced at it.  Well, I’m back for a bit, with something to say about this particular episode, because we’re in the end days,and this is when the plot starts  to get to the juicy bits.

Now this is the kind of episode I like, where the plot flies fast and furious, and where everyone ends up, nobody knows. A lot of interesting questions and plot points have been introduced, we get a lot of Castiel action, and we  get the to see the final death of the Colt.

Have you ever watched an episode and identified so strongly with a character…

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