Retro Review: ‘An American Werewolf in London’

I love Dog Soldiers, and The Howling, but American Werewolf always comes first.

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Werewolves can be a difficult monster to translate to the big screen. Filmmakers are constantly running the risk with these furry creatures of making it too campy or having werewolf1make-up effects which look downright laughable. Despite these hurdles, werewolveshave remained a mainstay of the horror genre. Arguably the greatest werewolf of them all is the cult classic John Landis picture, An American Werewolf in London. Blending a Hammer Horror inspired gothic horror tale with Landis’ trademark snarky humor, this film set the standard for this sub-genre of horror.

Two American backpackers, David and Jack, travelling through England are attacked by an unknown creature after leaving a pub. While Jack is killed in the attack, David survives and is treated in London where he falls for the nurse taking care of him. As David tries to continue with his life after this strange event, he is tormented by the…

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